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What is Wholesome Games?
Wholesome Games is a community that started on Twitter when indie game developer Matthew Taylor began curating games according to their feelings of comfort, compassion, and coziness. Since then, the community has grown to nearly 500k members across Twitter, Discord, TikTok, YouTube, and more.
What is Wholesome Games Presents?
Wholesome Games Presents is a new publishing initiative from the team behind Wholesome Games and Wholesome Direct. Our goal is to use all the knowledge we've gained from our work in this space to help more games succeed while making sure developers maintain 100% creative control over their work.
One of the goals of Wholesome Games is to change how we think about which games are taken seriously. For many years, the most critically acclaimed titles have been the ones with the darkest themes and grimmest depictions of life, but there's also a whole world of hopeful video games with rich storytelling, innovative gameplay, and beautiful art and sound. We want to be a part of showcasing the breadth of experiences that games can have for players.
What makes a game "wholesome"?
That's up to you to decide! It's subjective and we don't want to pretend that it isn't. Something we've always tried to be mindful of is that what looks wholesome to one person might not look wholesome to someone else.
If a game is cute and cozy but contains harmful stereotypes, is it wholesome? We say no! If a game is violent, but that violence is about overthrowing an oppressor, is it unwholesome? We say no! The opinions presented by our curation are just that: one group's opinions.The question of what makes a game wholesome is one that comes up again and again in our community, and while common themes sometimes emerge from those conversations, we think it devalues the discussion to suggest that there's ever going to be a comprehensive final answer.OK, but I hate the word "wholesome".
Honestly, so do we sometimes! Toxic positivity is a real problem, and lots of words and ideas like "wholesome" (or "family values") have been warped into dog whistles and harmful purity tests, or used to dismiss serious concerns.
We want to make absolutely clear that our values are diametrically opposed to these uses, and we can only hope that's reflected in our work.Are non-wholesome games bad?
Not at all! "Wholesome Games" is not a synonym for "good games" and we believe every type of game can--and should--co-exist, including the scary and violent games that we don't curate. Every game fills a niche, and while our group focuses on highlighting games in one of those niches, we all play and love games that aren't part of the genre too.
Are wholesome games political?
We believe everything, especially the media we create and consume, is political. We actively avoid hateful content, bigotry, and developers who have been exploitative or otherwise abusive, and we encourage developers to use their voices to support worthy causes. Sometimes it's a radical act to make dark or upsetting art, and sometimes it's radical to make hopeful art in times of adversity.
NFTs and AI
We stand firmly against AI-generated art and NFTs.

Wholesome Games Presents is a new publishing initiative from the team behind Wholesome Games and Wholesome Direct. Our goal is to use all the knowledge we've gained from our work in this space to help more games succeed while making sure developers maintain 100% creative control over their work.If you'd like to learn more, send an email to matthew (at) wholesomegames.com with information about your project.

What we do:

  • Small investments

  • Hands-off support - we want to give you creative freedom

  • Production meetings to understand your project fully and offer feedback on gameplay, design, and marketing

  • Marketing opportunities to reach nearly one million wholesome and cozy players and content creators

  • Expertise across multiple disciplines ready to answer your questions and facilitate industry connections

What we don't do:

  • Release management

  • QA

  • Control IP or sequel rights

What we're looking for:

  • Hopeful, innovative video games

  • Small, capable teams

  • Developers who want to make a positive impact

Usagi Shima | App Store | Google Play | Press Kit

A relaxing bunny collecting game! Inspired by titles like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing, Usagi Shima lets players decorate an abandoned island to attract cute, curious bunnies.

Minami Lane | Steam | Press Kit

Build your own street in this cozy, casual management sim! Unlock and customize buildings, manage your shops, and maximize the happiness of your villagers to complete quests and fill your street with love!

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Matthew Taylor (he/him) is an indie game developer, the founder of Wholesome Games, and the director of Wholesome Direct.Favorite games
A Short Hike, Chibi-Robo!, and Hades.

Jenny Windom (she/her) is an indie game producer, community developer, streamer, and host of Wholesome Games.Favorite games
Outer Wilds, Florence, and Harvest Moon 64.

James Tillman (he/him) is not a cat, your honor! He's also an indie game developer and producer.Favorite games
Psychonauts, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Universal Paperclips.

Victoria Tran (she/her) is an indie game community director, speaker, writer, and an organizer for Wholesome Games.Favorite games
Tetris Effect, Unpacking, and Undertale.